You most certainly can sell your own house. There are times to do that. Some people might even love to take up the challenge.

For others, it just makes sense to use the services of an estate agent.


Estate agents form a link between you and prospective buyers. They usually have a solid marketing base, various prospective buyers, and the relevant knowledge regarding the industry, contracts, value of your property, etc.

Get to know your agent and determine how you could work together.


Remember that it is your property being sold. You have the right to make your own decisions.

Find an agent that you are comfortable with, that you trust and that you are sure will keep your interests at heart. Invariably problems pop up. You will need to work together as a team, with the conveyancing attorney.


Morgan Housel uses the expression that people are irrational. That is just fine.

Sometimes you need to make the decision that helps you sleep better at night, even if it costs you a few rand more, or if other people disagree with you.

Buying and/or selling a house is a major financial decision. Make sure you make the decision that helps you sleep sound during the process.


It’s always about service…