I’ve heard various opinions and stories doing the rounds, some of which are quite shocking.

Always do your own thinking and research.


Yes, of course it is possible. You may sell your own property as you wish to whoever you wish.

This option works great when you know someone that is already interested in your property.


There are a lot of rules, regulations and laws governing the selling of a property, and more so, the transfer of a property.

You will need a proper agreement of sale. It is best that this is drawn up by a conveyancing attorney and not bought at your nearest CNA.

Just give your ‘speed dial attorney’ a call and make sure you have got your bases covered.


Rohan Rajiv says that everything is a trade-off.

You may save a few rand in costs, i.e., estate agent fees, but the admin and logistics could be a hassle. Or you might not get a price reflecting the value.

Is the trade-off worth it? You decide.

Estate agents.

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