We live in an age where it is almost second nature to buy a property.

But then we are confronted by the famous quote attributed to Mark Twain:

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”


Have you been confronted with ideas that are different from your own?

Have you thought about different views regarding buying v renting?


There are a few people that stretch me endlessly on this question and how property fits into finances. They are:

  1. Ramit Sethi; and
  2. James Altucher.

Have a look at the links, their thoughts and their calculations. Let me know what you think.


What is your experience? Let me know whether you believe in buying or renting, and then obviously, why!

We bought, and I want to buy again in the future.

But I hate that feeling when I see dampness on the ceiling after the rains. And I get this aching feeling in my chest when I wait for a burst pipe during a Potch winter.

Share your thoughts…