Your Will be Done: Write your own will and leave a legacy! (Online guide)

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When you die without a will you leave a mess for your loved ones to clean up – your money might even go to the state to run 😖. In this course I will give you all the tools you need to make sure you have a valid will in place.

🎢 – Change the course of your life

🧾 – Change the narrative

💡 – Change the memories

🎨 – Create your legacy



When you die without a will you leave a mess for your loved ones to clean up.

  • No one knows what you wanted
  • Your kid’s money goes to the guardian’s fund – state run
  • Property can’t be transferred
  • No money to deal with the estate

The problem is that you didn’t plan.

Every one of us can die literally now.

Every one of us will die.

Your assets and possessions are supposed to be a blessing for those that are left behind. If you don’t make a will, it means you don’t hand over the baton and your family is dumped right in the middle of a mess.

What happens when everyone starts fighting over your belongings?

LUCKILY for you we created this quick start guide to make sure you have a valid will and be a massive blessing for your family.

This is why this matter:

  • I will share all the basics of drafting a basic will
  • If you have a will, you will be able to check and verify it to make sure it deals with all the important aspects.
  • You will ensure that your wife/husband and kids are put in a position of strength.
  • You will expertly choose the person to make sure your estate is dealt with efficiently and swiftly
  • Your money will not go to the guardian’s fund (state run)
  • You will most certainly give your family peace of mind

You have faithfully watched 100’s of my videos up to know and I am highly indebted to you.

BUT, I realise it just makes sense to package these videos and concepts for you to ensure that you are empowered and better equipped.

What you get when you buy this course:

  • Everything you need to know in a 10-part video series explaining the process and all the different aspects to draft your own will quick and easy.  Click here for a full explainer of the series and each video.
  • A draft will that you can use to base your will on (PDF)
  • Pros and Cons of not having a will. (downloadable)
  • Pros and Cons of having a will (downloadable)
  • A downloadable conversation starter to discuss with your family regarding your will
  • Various downloadable examples of different wills.
  • A free ‘DIY Last Will and Testament’, with a thorough explainer of how to draft your will. You can use this to draft a straighforward valid will. Thank you to Amy for making this available to us.

THIS is your opportunity to take your life, your assets, and be a blessing to your family.

Big Disclaimer:

In the event that you have a complicated asset structure, multiple companies, trusts, etc., contact us directly here. You will need the following to fully optimise your estate:

  • Consultation
  • Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning – We will play out various scenarios to determine the best way to minimise taxes, especially estate duty tax.



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