Generally, a copy of a notarised document is not considered acceptable as a substitute for the original notarised document. The reason is that the purpose of notarisation is to provide assurance of the authenticity and validity of the original document.

When a document is notarised, a Notary Public, like me, verifies the identity of the signer and confirms the accuracy of the document. They then affix their official seal or certification markings to the original document. These markings signify that the document has been officially notarised.

While a copy of a notarised document may contain the same information and even show the notarial markings, it lacks the same level of authenticity as the original. Copies can be easily altered or manipulated, which compromises their reliability.

Therefore, when required to submit a notarised document, it is generally necessary to provide the original document rather than a copy. The original document carries the official notarial seal and is considered more trustworthy and legally valid.