Protecting your assets: an antenuptial agreement can protect your personal assets and ensure they stay with you if the marriage ends in divorce or the death of one spouse.

Financial security: the agreement can provide both parties with financial security by outlining how finances will be handled during the marriage and in case of separation or divorce.

Protecting your business: if you own a business, an antenuptial agreement can ensure that your business remains separate from marital property and is protected in case of a divorce.

Debt protection: if your partner has significant debt, an antenuptial agreement can protect you from being held liable for it in case of a divorce.

Risk mitigation: an antenuptial agreement can also help to mitigate risk by ensuring that both parties understand their financial obligations and responsibilities and can help to avoid conflicts and legal battles in case of a divorce.

In short, if you’re getting married and want to protect your assets, business, or ensure financial security for both parties, signing an antenuptial agreement is a wise choice.