A Certified Copy simply means it’s a faithful reproduction of the original document and stamped by a Commissioner of Oaths. This can be done at any attorney, police station, Postnet, etc. It can be made by photocopying or scanning the original, ensuring that all the information is accurately copied. However, a Certified Copy doesn’t have any official certification or verification attached to it.

On the other hand, a Notarially Certified Copy is a Certified Copy that has been officially certified by a recognised authority, such as a Notary Public, like me. I carefully compare the copy with the original document, confirm its accuracy, and then add my official seal, signature, or certification markings to certify that it is indeed a Certified and valid reproduction.

In a nutshell, while both a Certified Copy and a Notarially Certified Copy are accurate reproductions of the original document, a Notarially Certified Copy carries the added assurance and credibility of being certified by an authorised individual or organization.