Yes, in South Africa, a handwritten will, can be legally recognised. This means that you can write your will in your own handwriting instead of typing or printing it. However, there are a few important conditions for a handwritten will to be valid:

  1. Entirely handwritten: the entire will, including all its provisions, must be written by hand. You cannot use pre-printed forms or templates for this type of will.
  2. Signature and date: you must sign the will at the end and include the date when you wrote it. Your signature confirms that you approve the contents of the will.

While a handwritten will can be legally recognised, it’s important to note that it may raise challenges if it is difficult to read or if there is any ambiguity in your intentions. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult with an attorney who specialises in estate planning to ensure your handwritten will meets all legal requirements and accurately reflects your wishes.