The Bright buyer’s roadmap to a successful home purchase:

10 crucial steps

You are super excited to buy your property. I have curated 10 crucial steps for you to ensure you are ready, and to steer clear of various pitfalls. Be a bright buyer.

For an in-depth discussion, check out this video.

Download the PDF below for your ease of use and elaborated details of every point.

Should you need more; each one is elaborated below:

  • Prepare your finances
    Are you really ready for it?

  • Properly inspect the property
    Do you really want it?
  • Annexure “A”
    Do you know it?

  • Affordability
    Can you afford it?
  • Offer to purchase
    Will you sign it?

  • Purchase price / bond
    How much is it?

  • Teamwork makes the dream work
    Please email us back
  • Costs
    What will I pay for?

  • Certificates of compliance
    Did you get them?

  • Future Proof
    Are you planning for the road ahead?

View the video series:

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